Plates are one of the key elements of tableware in restaurants, hotels, and gastronomic establishments. They are not only vessels for serving dishes but also a tool for building a unique identity and making a positive impression among guests. Restaurant plates can come in various shapes and forms. They are made of different materials and available in many designs and colors. Explore the plates for gastronomy available in our offer and find excellent products with exceptional durability that will be a fantastic addition to your restaurant, hotel, café, guesthouse, or catering company.

Plates and Gastronomy - Plates as One of the Most Important Serving Dishes

Soup plates, dinner plates, dessert plates, and appetizer plates are an integral part of every restaurant, hotel, or gastronomic establishment. It is on them that culinary masterpieces are served, and the quality and design of the plates have a significant impact on how dishes are perceived by guests. Therefore, choosing the right plates is a top priority, affecting not only the quality of the served dishes but also the overall image of the establishment. It is worth investing in plates that are not only practical, durable, and resistant but also aesthetic. Especially since plates are dishes that have direct contact with guests, making them a key element of any establishment.

Types of Plates for Gastronomy - Soup Plates, Snack Plates, Square and Oval Plates

Plates are not only flat dinner plates and deep soup plates. Although they are the basic element in every kitchen, including restaurants, there are also other types of plates used in gastronomy. They serve for serving snacks, cakes, fruits, and other dishes, allowing meals to be served in the best possible style.

In our offer, you will find dinner plates, ideal for serving main courses, as well as soup plates, in which you will serve aromatic broths. There are also dessert plates available, which will add an elegant character to pastries, as well as appetizer plates and snack plates, perfect for treating guests to tasty appetizers and snacks at once.

The shape of the plate also matters. We offer both square plates, which are perfect for modern, minimalist designs, as well as round or oval plates, which will work well in classic arrangements. Our plates are made of the highest quality porcelain and ceramics, guaranteeing their durability and elegance.

Plates with Rim or Without? Elegance in Every Detail

Choosing between plates with a rim and without one is straightforward, but with our tips, you will decide on the best plates for your restaurant. Plates with a rim add elegance to the served dishes. At the same time, they protect against spillage, especially if you choose plates with a high rim. Rimless plates have a minimalist look and are perfect for modern arrangements. Therefore, the choice depends primarily on the character and style of the venue.

When choosing plates for your restaurant, it's important to consider several key features

Our plates are designed for contact with food, ensuring food safety. Additionally, they can be used in ovens and microwaves and are dishwasher safe, which facilitates kitchen work. Reinforced edges enhance their durability, while the smooth structure of the plates makes cleaning easier.


If you strive for uniqueness and want your gastronomic establishment to be remembered, we have something special for you.

Our personalized plates are not just serving dishes; they are also effective marketing tools. For those who want to stand out with an exceptional product, we offer various techniques and decorative effects. You can place any marketing message on the plates that will attract attention and delight your guests. Choose plates that will ensure the comfort of your customers and positively impact the image of your establishment.





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