Drinking aromatic coffee or warming tea is not just a daily ritual; it's a moment of relaxation and pleasure. Therefore, it's extremely important to provide this pleasure to the guests of your restaurant. How to do it? The answer is simple: coffee and tea cups. They make every sip of the drink taste exceptional. And what if we serve these drinks in cups with the company logo? That's real magic! Personalized promotional cups with a logo are an excellent way to build awareness of your brand.

The offer of cups for gastronomy with or without company logo

Cups for gastronomy that will meet the expectations of every restaurateur are an important part of our offer. To meet the diverse needs of the Horeca industry, we have created an offer of cups with or without a company logo. The choice depends solely on you and the character of your establishment. If you want to emphasize the identity of your venue, promotional cups with a logo are a great choice. Through customization, your brand will become more visible and gain uniqueness. This is a way for guests to always associate the delicious drink with your restaurant or café. You can also choose cups without a logo. They are extremely elegant and work perfectly in various gastronomic interiors.

Whether with a logo or without, our coffee cups for restaurants guarantee unforgettable moments of relaxation and the unique taste of your favorite beverage. As a manufacturer of coffee cups for gastronomy, we are aware of the importance of their aesthetics and quality. Discover our diverse range and choose cups for gastronomy.


Wide selection of cups for gastronomy

We offer various cups for gastronomy tailored to the requirements of restaurateurs. Our cups are available in different sizes, from small espresso cups to larger tea cups.

All our cups combine not only functionality but also aesthetics. When choosing coffee cups for gastronomy, you have the opportunity to choose from various designs and shapes. Our range includes both classic, subtle patterns that fit perfectly into elegant interiors, as well as modern cups that add energy and character to the restaurant.

If you like specific cups from our offer but would like to add your logo or graphic motif to them, we are ready to meet your expectations. Cups with your own logo are an excellent way to personalize them.


The best cups for gastronomy, what are they?

Gastronomic porcelain undergoes intensive use, so it must be extremely durable and resistant to damage. This ensures that the cups will maintain their charm for many years, despite frequent use. Their resistance to scratches is also important to ensure they remain in perfect condition. It's worth noting that in the Horeca industry, cups are often subjected to intensive washing processes at high temperatures. Therefore, it's essential for porcelain to be dishwasher safe.

In addition to functionality, the visual aspect is also important. Coffee and tea cups should be elegant and aesthetic, emphasizing the uniqueness of your establishment. You can give them a unique look by ordering cups with your company logo. Serving guests a porcelain coffee cup with your logo promotes your business every day during the pleasure of enjoying their favorite drinks. Cups with a logo imprint are a great idea!


Coffee cups for restaurants: with saucer or without?

When choosing coffee cups for your restaurant, you can choose between cups with saucers or without. Cups with saucers add elegance to the served drinks. They are perfect for establishments that focus on a classic decor. On the other hand, cups without saucers fit perfectly into modern arrangements and are more convenient for daily use. There's nothing stopping you from having two types of cups in your establishment.


Personalized coffee cups for your restaurant: cups with your own logo

Coffee cups with your logo are not just tableware items but also tools for building recognition for your restaurant. That's why it's worth investing in personalized cups that will reinforce the image of your establishment. Allow your guests to enjoy special moments, savoring their favorite drinks in cups with your logo printed on them. It's a unique detail that will stay in the memories of your guests. Check out our full range of coffee cups with company logos and choose the ones you want to serve drinks in at your establishment.