Customization options

Elevate your brand with creative branding.

For all those who want to stand out with an extraordinary product, we offer a wide range of techniques and decorative effects. You can convey your brand's marketing message in various ways. Choose the appropriate technique and surprise your customers with rich colors, a unique appearance, and unprecedented durability of decorations.



Gold decoration
Selective and hand coloring



Print running through the edge Print on the bottom Print on the bottom 




Sandblasting with partial color filling Sandblasting Inside printing





Emphasize brand values with color.

Unlimited color options for selected products can be a powerful highlight for your establishment. Everyone oversees the consistency of their brand communication. We understand that an effective promotional gift should align with the brand's color scheme. For this purpose, we offer proprietary methods of coloring products, allowing for full customization.



Outdoors or Exterior Indoors or Interior Indoor and Outdoor (Same Color)
Indoor and Outdoor (Different Colors) Inside and Ear Outdoors (Lowered Edge Color)
Dyeing without socket Dyeing with socket Full coloring











Standard marking area for plates


Single-sided printing  Double-sided printing Printing all around up to 20cm²


Printing all around with a decorated

band along the edge

Printing all around

along the edge and center



Standard marking area for cups and mugs